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Game-changing Brand Insights Should
Be Available To Every Marketer

But There’s A Problem…

Market Research Agencies

  • They are VERY expensive
  • Projects can take WEEKS to turnaround
  • Their reports are COMPLICATED and require a researcher to explain


  • What should you measure?
  • How would a researcher write the questions?
  • Where do you find consumers to answer your survey?
  • You’ve got data, where are the insights?

At Brand Health, we make brand research easy by automating the tricky parts and helping you get insights that will make you a brand expert. And for a fraction of the cost of a market research agency.

What makes Brand Health
so different?

Brand research is easy for someone who knows what they’re doing. But most research consultants justify high fees with an over complicated research process and reams of data with no clear direction for your brand. This avenue is inefficient and its costing you time and money.

By streamlining the process Brand Health is able to help you get high-end insights, from REAL people in your target market, quickly and affordably. We know what Brand metrics you need to measure and can show you how to use them to achieve extraordinary outcomes for your brand.

Our Solutions Will Solve Your Most Pressing
Brand Insight Needs


Brand Health research made simple.

Answer a few simple questions about your brand and then leave the tricky research bits to us. In as little as 48 hours you’ll have expert brand insights available to share with your team.



Advertising research made simple.

You don’t know how well your ad is performing in market, or which elements to tweak to make it better. Send us your ad and we’ll diagnose it at a fraction of the cost of a traditional research agency.


Simple Steps to Becoming

a Brand Expert

    • Get access

    • By creating your free account today

    • Create your test

    • Select the insights you need
    • Fill out a form with some brief details about your brand
    • Define your target audience

    • Leave it to us (Research Process)

    • We write the questions
    • We find REAL people to survey
    • We analyse your data

    • Download your report

    • In as little as 48 hours, we deliver a comprehensive, highly visual and intuitive report.
    • Our reports are designed for everyone, no need for a researcher to decode the insight.


  • Our team will be in touch with you throughout the process.
  • We’ll review the information you provide us about your brand and
    collaborate with you to achieve the best result.
  • We will investigate your target audience and make recommendations to survey them cost effectively.
  • We promise a report that is ready to distribute to your team, you won’t need a researcher to decode it.

What do our customers have to say?

Our traditional brand tracker was an overload of information and I had to spend a lot of time cutting back and re-writing content before I could distribute to my team.

Brand Health reports step a new user through how to interpret the results, rather than just being a data dump with a comment on the key outtake

Mary Insights Manager (FMCG)

I really question the value I get from the brand tracker I ran for years with my old research agency vs what I get from Brand Health.

The Brand Health reports give me everything I need and for about 1/6th of the price. It’s a no brainer!

Zoe Marketing Manager (Retail)

With a small marketing budget I’ve been forced to attempt my own brand research previously, with limited success.

Brand Health is super affordable and now I know I have all the key brand metrics I need to inform my marketing strategy.

Simon Brand Strategist (Finance)

Brands our team have worked with

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Measuring Your Brand Health Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Measuring Your Brand Health Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.