Is Your Marketing Having An Impact?

Consumers are busier than ever. They work late, commute further, have to look after their family, get to the gym and in between this try and see their friends and maintain relationships. So when it comes time to shop and make a choice between brands, decisions are often made with very little consideration. On top of that, the market is becoming ever competitive, with more brands than ever for people to choose from. You may have a great product, but are you offering it in a way that is resonating with consumers?

Maximising Impact Of Limited Budgets

As marketers we’re tasked with delivering maximum return on the budget we are allocated. And the budgets we are given have become increasingly tight and require a great deal of talent to stretch them to meet our performance targets.

To truly be successful, we must not only be skilled as a marketer, but we must also intimately know our brand and the competitive environment we operate in. If asked, any marketer should be able to answer some simple questions about their brand, such as:

BUT… Do you have data to support your answers to these questions, or are your answers based purely on assumptions?

The Most Successful Marketers Test Everything!


Great marketers base their decisions on data. They ask questions and they talk directly to their customers and the broader market to find the answers. They acknowledge the power of customer experience and seek to optimise this experience through a greater understanding of the market.

One of the best methods for gathering this data is through brand tracking. Brand tracking is a means of continuously monitoring the health of your brand over time and understanding what your target audience thinks of your brand. This is generally done by intermittently surveying a sample of your target market (e.g. annually, quarterly or monthly) to monitor a range of key brand metrics including:

Without brand tracking there is no way to really know if your marketing efforts have been successful. You may not become aware of your performance until problems start occuring.

Gathering Data – The ‘Brand Health’ Way

As a Brand Research Agency, we have established ourselves as master practitioners of brand research. 

We have experienced the evolution of market research over the last 20 years, from paper based and telephone surveys through to the advent of online research and now implementing the latest cutting edge technologies. 

We have optimised the brand research approach to offer a slick, no fuss and no headache approach for our client partners.

We have conducted brand tracking research for companies ranging from huge global behemoth’s through to small to mid sized brands trying to establish themselves in the market. 

We understand that every brand has different needs and we will build out your brand research program to deliver the data you most need within your available budget.   All of the data we collect for our clients is delivered in simple, easy-to-read reports that clearly explain all of the metrics we measure. You won’t need to be an experienced market researcher or data scientist to decode the insights. Because we love talking to different brands and listening to the challenges they face, we are currently offering a FREE 30 Minute Research Strategy Session – to help set you on the right path and ensure you are gathering the data you need.  In the world of brand research there are many different approaches you can take, both quantitative and qualitative. 

We believe it is critical that the research approach taken syncs seamlessly with your brands information needs and will happily point you toward to the right consultant or agency (even our competitors), if we feel they are better placed to serve you. 

After all, we have been operating in the market research industry for decades and know experts in every research niche.

Trusted by some of the world’s most innovative brands…


Get Started Now

If brand research sounds like a confusing or an intimidating undertaking, don’t worry. We are here to make the entire process straight forward and stress-free.

Brand research is, in a real way, a tool that you can use to get to know your brand and your industry more intimately than ever before. It all starts with a single session too.

Book your free half-hour insights strategy session with us today and let’s get started!


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