About Us

The Brand Health Solution

Brand Health is a tech-driven research platform that enables organisations both large and small to analyse and monitor the health of their brand. We help businesses and marketing agencies looking to maximise their budget so they can test industry-standard metrics without spending the big bucks.

We believe that Brand Health research doesn’t need to be time-consuming or expensive to undertake. The process should be straightforward and smooth so any business can meaningfully track their metrics and make a difference to their future.

Our vision is to disrupt this market with innovative new products that provide both a more cost-effective solution to the customer and a vastly superior insight into their brands.

Here’s A Bit More You Should Know About Us

Our Brand Health tests use the most useful and proven metrics, offering them up in a platform that is easy to use and fast to launch.

By using modern technology and automation to remove the human touch component from our projects, we significantly reduce the cost and dramatically increase efficiency and turnaround time.

What We’re Solving

Did you know that $10’s of millions is spent in Australia every year on Brand Health research? We don’t want you to spend any more of your limited marketing budget when you don’t have to.

Brand research has not fundamentally changed since the 1970’s. But with the advent of technology, the old world of traditional research agencies charging $10’s to $100’s of thousands of dollars to provide simple brand research is coming to an end.

Our Brand Health tests use industry standard metrics, that have been proven over decades and offer them up in a platform that is simple to use and fast to launch. You shouldn’t have to ask an infinite array of questions to determine if your marketing works. That’s why we keep our surveys concise and allow you to choose the level of insight you need to better understand your brand and make the right decisions to drive continued growth.

Brand Health

Are you ready to test key brand health metrics and see how you compare to the competition?

Ad Health

Isn’t it time you started testing your ad campaigns and made improvements that could propel your brand to another level?

Product Attribute

Do you want to know what key features and attributes your customers want from your products?

Measuring Your Brand Health Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.