Our Product Attribute Solution

(Utilizing MaxDiff Analysis)

It is imperative that marketers understand why consumers purchase one brand or product instead of another. The problem is that the decision is rarely simple, and often based on an unconscious melding of both rational and emotive reasons.

Asking a consumer to explain their purchase is virtually impossible, as how can a consumer accurately describe or try to rate the relative importance of the factors that lead to their decision.

Traditional research uses questions with rating scales to try and understand consumer purchase decisions. This approach is fundamentally flawed. The Maximum Differential Technique (MaxDiff) was developed in 1987 by the renowned statistician Jordan Louviere. MaxDiff does not ask consumers to state the importance of purchase factors, but rather it derives them by asking consumers to do what they do best, namely make choices!

The MaxDiff technique involves showing consumers a series of choice cards. All the consumer has to do is choose which is the most and least important purchase factor on each card.

The deliverables from a MaxDiff Analysis are simple to interpret. Each purchase decision factor is allocated a MaxDiff score. The MaxDiff scores all add up to 100:

Product Attribute (MaxDiff) Reporting

The Product Attribute test (using MaxDiff) has several clear benefits over traditional research:

Benefits of a Product Attribute test using MaxDiff

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