CASE STUDY - How We Helped Champion

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Flying Blind - A Lack Of Data To Develop Strategies

An internationally known company, Champion had experienced long term success selling comfortable, durable sportswear. However many new brands had entered the market in recent years and whilst it was apparent they were losing ground, the reasons were unclear.

When their marketing managing came to Brand Health, they had plenty of assumptions about their brand and the market, but no data to back this up. It was clear they needed research to better understand the market and to help guide their decision making and marketing strategy.

Champion Sought Out Brand Research Experts

We got to work investigating their assumptions by applying our brand research framework that analysed their core market metrics, as well as conducting a deep dive on the competitive landscape.
By speaking to a representative sample of consumers in their target market, as well as some of their own customers, we were able to uncover exactly how their brand was positioned in the sportswear industry. The research was able to show which areas of their marketing strategy had been successful, but more importantly where key issues lay that needed immediate resolution.

Key Findings

As an example, we determined that for Champion, there was no fundamental problem in the brands’ DNA. There was, however, a shortfall in awareness: less than 50% of the market knew that it existed, and only 8% could recall having ever seen or heard their advertising.

We also helped them discover key differentiators from their key competitors, and identified a great opportunity to fine tune their positioning to focus more on their customers’ needs.

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