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The only way to know how your Brand and Advertising are performing is to test them with consumers in the real world and compare them to your biggest competitors.


Brand Health Tests


A brand is the mark you give your company that distinguishes it from the competition. If your brand is strong, your products are worth more in the minds of consumers. The strength of your brand can be measured using a market research method known as a Brand Health survey.

At Brand Health, we’ve simplified the process of evaluating your brand in the marketplace. Our Brand Health surveys cover the key metrics you need to evaluate your brand and provide a perfect platform for monitoring your performance over time.

If your clientele or market is changing, get insights that helps you determine how to fine tune your unique value proposition.

Test key Brand Health metrics to give you a read on how you rate against your key competitors in a range of areas including:

Brand Awareness

How well does the market know your brand and have they seen your advertising?

Brand Usage

What are people buying from your brand and how much are they spending?

Brand Attributes

What do people associate with your brand, is it consistent with your messaging and how are you different to your competitors?

Purchase Intention

When will people make their next purchase and which brands will they choose? 

Customer Satisfaction

Are the market promoters of your brand? Why are customers loyal? Why do they no longer purchase from you, or reject buying from your brand?

Find out how well your target market knows your brand and take the steps to understand and improve your Brand Health today.

Ad Health Tests


Ad tracking is a well-established and commonly used form of market research that asks viewers key questions relating to their perceptions and likely response to a specified ad.

At Brand Health, we have developed a simpler, easier and more insightful way of delivering ad tracking research compared to more traditional methods currently used, while still leveraging the benefits of these approaches.

We also calculate our own Advertising Effectiveness score, which indicates whether or not your creative is working, before delving deeper into results. Our AE score is also a great way to compare your creative against competitors.

Our Ad Health solution allows you to test the performance of your television and digital advertising against principal metrics, including:

Overall Advertising Effectiveness


Has your advertising been seen before?


Does your audience know who the ad is for? Is your creative being mistaken for your competitors?


Is the offer communicated relevant to your target audience and how they feel about your brand and products?


Do people find like watching your ad? Do they engage with the subject matter?


Is your audience tired of seeing this ad? Does it need a refresh?


Does you advertising stand apart from your competitors creative?

Likes & Dislikes

What do people like about your ad? What turns them off the advertising? Are there simple opportunities to improve the creative?

Brand Consideration

Does the advertising increase consideration of your brand? Would you recommend the brand to your friends?

Advertising Proposition

Was the proposition advertised appealing to consumers? What action would consumers take having seen the ad?

Advertising Diagnosis

What elements of the creative are working / not working? Did your audience dislike the soundtrack? Is a celebrity driving recognition?

Start your Ad Health tests now and receive actionable insights presented in a user friendly and interactive dashboard in as little as 48 hours.

Measuring Your Brand Health Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.