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Brand Tracking

1. Brand Tracking

Understand consumer perceptions, brand awareness, purchase habits, positioning and loyalty.
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Market Segmentation

2. Market Segmentation

Group customers based on distinguishing characteristics, identify and target high value audiences.
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Advertising Effectiveness

3. Advertising Effectiveness

Track core advertising metrics and measure the impact and performance of ads with your target audience.
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Brand Tracking


The first step in understanding your brand is conducting a Brand Tracking study.

We speak directly to people in your target market to:

Our data is gathered via online survey’s where consumers give us direct feedback across a range of areas that allow us to create a deep understanding of the market you operate in.

Brand metrics we typically measure include:

Market Segmentation

Market segmentation should be the foundation of every marketing strategy and can help guide your organisation and deliver significant growth. 

A market segmentation is the process of grouping your customers based on their distinguishing characteristics (for example their attitudes, interests, and hobbies) and demographics (like their age and household income).

Data scientists are involved throughout the segmentation process, analysing the consumer data we collect and conducting statistical analysis to create the different segment groups.

Benefits of a customer segmentation include:

Without segmentation it is impossible, as a marketer, to definitively know if you are positioning your brand and targeting to the right type of consumer.

At Brand Health we are experts in brand research and can advise on a segmentation strategy that will benefit your organisation.

For a more detailed overview of what market segmentation is and how to use it, check out our article here.

Advertising Effectiveness


Ad tracking is a well-established and commonly used form of market research that identifies audience perceptions and likely action to your advertising.

By leveraging modern technology, we have developed a simpler, quicker and more insightful way of testing the effectiveness of your creative executions, while still leveraging the benefits of traditional market research approaches.

We also calculate our own Advertising Effectiveness score, which indicates whether or not your creative is working, before delving deeper into results. Our AE score is also a great way to compare your creative against competitors.

Discover and track:

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Reporting Insights

We Deliver Visual Reports That Bring The Insights To Life

Our reports include simple guidance and straight forward explanations that will be accessible to anyone in your marketing team.


User friendly dashboard

All of our brand tracking is reported in our state of the art online dashboard, allowing you to customise how you view your data and dive deeper on what matters most to you, using a range of features including inbuilt question and segment filters and defining time periods to monitor on-going performance. 


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The Ultimate Guide to Brand Tracking

Download Our Ultimate Guide to Brand Tracking and discover everything you need to know about Brand Research here.

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